Sports & Entertainment

Logistics strategy, coordination, and execution for any event.

Fugazy Sports & Entertainment is well-versed in creating multi-faceted operational plans, covering all aspects of event transportation needs including personnel, sponsor vehicles, car service, busing, shuttles, parking, traffic control and coordination with state / local officials. Our goal is to provide clients with customized programs that satisfy all of their transportation needs, as well as alleviate any stress that typically comes from such an overwhelming but crucial aspect of an event.

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Event Personnel

Renowned for its professionalism and world-class customer service, our team of chauffeurs, reservationists, dispatchers, greeters and customer service representatives are made up of seasoned professionals, who work together to ensure that all aspects of the program run efficiently and effectively.

Sponsor Vehicles

Sponsor vehicle programs, created and managed by our team, showcase vehicles at events across the country. We work with both car manufacturers and venues to assist in maximizing sponsorship exposure and value. Whether promoting a new model or marketing an entire fleet, our innovative sponsor vehicle programs provide invaluable added exposure and brand loyalty.

Shuttle Service

Whether the transportation program requires continuous shuttles from one location, or a complex schedule from multiple locations, we have the equipment and personnel to provide easy transport for spectators, staff, and sponsors. We utilize luxury vans, mini-buses and coach buses ranging from 15 to 56 passengers to ensure the most cost-effective and convenient shuttle service.

Park & Ride

We design and implement customized off-site parking solutions, advising clients on recommended traffic flow, ingress, egress and access control. Vans and buses can be used to transport any number of people quickly and efficiently, while our friendly staff and comprehensive signage ensure that each rider’s experience is convenient as well as pleasant.

Traffic Control

Our knowledgeable and experienced team creates tailor made programs for events of all sizes, consisting of flaggers, permitting, lane closures, and even police escorts to ensure ease and safety. With strong ties to state / local authorities, we facilitate any aspect necessary to provide exceptional customer service, ensuring all clients a first-class experience.

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